1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Rally Sport Barn Find with Dealer Invoice

CamaroNews found this gem on Ebay, you have to see this real 69 Z/28! Read the owners story below. This car is a total masterpiece and a work of art!

1969 Chevy Camaro Z/28 with Rally Sport option. Documented with original dealer invoice with the GMAC financing approval on it. (The yellow “X3” mark under glue can also be seen.) Sold new with rally sport option, gauge package, deluxe interior, 3.73 posi, power disc brakes, spoilers, M21, sport steering wheel.
Car was built first week of Dec ’68 (12A), custom black interior (712) and gold (65 65). Sold new about 100 miles from me in late May ’69, with dealer adding cowl hood setup. Have original owners name, next owner registration from ’79 until he passed away about 30 years later, photos of car with widow, son & new owner from whom I bought car.Car has “CE” code warranty replacement engine, original rebuilt 302 engine included that I received with car (386 casting 4 bolt, K 8 8 date, 1178 crank, .030 forged pistons). Original 3.73 posi rear end still in car. Has DZ carb & winters intake. Original brake booster. Metal looks original other than new GM quarters installed years ago. Spots in trunk that need repair, also driver floor board (I wouldn’t replace but that is up to you). Other spots of rust showing as car is almost 50 years old and hasn’t been restored. A good car to restore. I have more pictures of car and video running. Not many early Z/28 RS cars around. Car does run, drive and stops. Please contact me if interested in looking at the car. Listed for sale locally, auction may end early.
Author: Camaro News

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