Camaro’s of Michigan Car Show Events We Will Be Attending 2019

Camaro’s of Michigan Car Club Members will be at these car show below unless for some reason we can make it we will let you know and we will post it here.

But you can still go and show our support as a group and it would be great if we could all make it. If for some reason you can’t make it we totally understand everyone’s schedules. You are not mandatory on being there come to these as you can.

Please give a review of each car show that you go to so, other people might want to go next year. There might be some shows that we might slip in between the dates we have listed below so keep an eye on this page or you can visit the event page for new car show as we know and find out about them.

You can click on the links of each show for more information about each show. If it rains on any of these days below we will play it by ear. Living in Michigan the weather could change in a day. We will try and make all of these car show but, the shows we are planning below could also change for the reason we can’t go because something came up.

We do a review on the shows that we attending please read our reviews just click on the links below and scroll all the way down on the page to read the reviews we posted and anyone else that went to the show also please post a review.