Camaros of Michigan Car Show Events We Will Be Attending In Summer 2023


Camaros of Michigan and some car club members will be at these car show below unless for some reason we can make it we will let you know and we will post it here.

But you can still show our car club support as a group; it would be great if we could all make it. If for some reason you can’t make it we understand everyone’s schedules change. You are not mandatory on being there come to these as you can or any other car shows.

Please give a review of each car show that you go to so, other people might want to go next year. There might be some shows that we might slip in between the dates we have listed below or change our mind that we are going to another show so, keep an eye on this page often or you can visit the event page for the new car show as we know and find out about them. 

We don’t want you to go to a car show looking for us and find out we went to another car show. If you sign up for our newsletter you can see when we make an update change on this page. You can also message us on Facebook or text us if we are still planning on going and what time we are leaving to get there or maybe meet up to cruise to the car show together which is always better. We will not message or e-mail asking if you are going or tell you about a show. We might post something on Facebook. You will have to look at which car show you want to go to and check out our event page.

You can click below on the links of each show for more information about each show. We will play it by ear if it rains on the below days. Living in Michigan the weather could change by the hour. We would like to make all of these car shows, but the shows we are planning below could also change why we can’t go because something came up.

We do review the shows that we attend please read our reviews just click on the links below and scroll down on the page to read the reviews we posted. Anyone else who went to the shows or with us, please post a review of your thoughts about the car show for everyone.

These dates below might not be correct, double-check before planning on going to any of these shows for 2023. You can click on the red header to get more information about the car show.