Camaros of Michigan in The Tulip Time Parade 2022

Camaros of Michigan in the Holland Tulip Time Parade again after 2 years since COVID-19 started. The city of Holland has a Tulip Time Parade every year in the month of May. But since COVID-19 happen the parade has been canceled for 2 years in a row and the parade had never been canceled in over 100 years.

Camaros of Michigan has been in the parade 4 times before COVID-19 started and we have 6 Camaros on each day of the parade. This year for 2022 we will be in the parade on Thursday, May 12, and also on Saturday, May 14. Look for us on those days we have made some improvements and hope that the Tulip Time Parade will be like it was before COVID-19 started.

People from all over the world attend the parade and is broadcast on the radio and T.V. We hope that the weather will be warm and sunny on those 2 days. Come down and see us before the parade we will be gearing up and shining up our Camaros! Hope to see you there.



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