Camaros of Michigan Tulip Time Parade 2024

Camaros of Michigan was in the Holland Tulip Time Parade again in 2024. Thursday’s parade was going to rain later in the morning which gave us time to get the tulip on the cars. The weather was stormy and cool. The weather didn’t cooperate and was about 69 degrees we were short a few cars for different reasons. But things went as planned as every year since we have been in the parade.

When Saturday rolled around it was supposed to rain but, didn’t was partly cloudy and windy which made it hard to hang on to the banner. It was the same tempure 69 degress Again we were short a car but, that was ok and we will plan better for next year to have 7 vehicles next year in each parade so we are working on that. We didn’t wear our dutch hats like we always do because of the wind and rain. I think that we will not wear them next year and try and come up with some diffrent idea’s for next parade.

We hope that next year it does not rain and the weather will be better than this year. This years Tulip Time Parade was longer than it has been in the past. The people love it when we reve up the engines and of course that want us to burn out! We all know we can’t do that in a parade. Until next year see you in 2025.