Camaros of Michigan Website Upgrades & Products

To all of our customers, Camaros of Michigan have made some website improvements, and the website is now faster and more responsive when browsing the site. We have also upgraded our protection when visiting our site. We all like to go fast and so, do we!

Rest assured that you are safe with Camaros of Michigan when visiting and or just browsing. We want to make sure that you have a good customer experience when purchasing something from us for your Camaro with our shopping cart system.

We also upgraded our payment process if you see us in person and you would like to purchase something from us at car shows etc. We offer payment with your debit or credit card and also will be offering a receipt instead of e-mailing it to you if you prefer that option.

Camaros of Michigan is trying to make you one of our family for customers that return and purchase from us again by offering discount coupons and free shipping to ensure you are happy with your purchase. We know that not everyone will be happy with their purchase is the reason for our reviews on what customers have to say about us.

We work hard to perfect our products and make our customers happy. For our customers, we are a small car club that is non-profit and your purchase proceeds are donated to our local charity. Over the winter months, we have been busy making more products to offer our customers. Some of those new products are already available on our site and there are more coming that we are currently working on now.

There will be some more improvements coming that we are thinking about and will be putting in place once we decide what we are going to do. Stay Tune! We hope to see some of our customers in person at the car show who are in our local community. This a reminder that our car show this year will be on July 22. 2023. The info is already on our main page you can now pre-register for the show. Or if you would also like to sponsor an award you can do that also. We hope to see you at the car show.

That is all for now.

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