Cold Air Inductions Introduces Noise Dampener technology in CamaroSix 2.0 System


Cold Air Inductions Introduces Patent-Pending Intake Noise Dampener technology in Camaro6 2.0 System

  • Patent-pending Intake System Noise Dampener technology eliminates whistle that comes from inside the engine
  • Cold Air Inductions system provides up to 13 horsepower gain with less than 30 minutes install time
  • Made in the USA

Memphis, MI – Cold Air Inductions was the first company to release a cold air intake system for the 6th generation Camaro, and now the company is releasing the next version of this power and sound enhancing Camaro6 system. The new version features the Cold Air Inductions patent-pending Intake System Noise Dampener technology that quiets the whistle that comes from inside the engine and is easier to hear with a free-flowing air intake installed.

Cold Air Inductions spent countless hours in R&D determining what was causing this whistle, which ultimately proved to come from inside the engine. When the restrictive factory air intake is removed, the whistle is easier to hear. For more information on the whistle, including a video that recorded the whistle even with the entire air-intake system removed, visit Why Does My Camaro’s Cold-Air Intake Whistle on the Cold Air Inductions website. The results of our testing and engineering is an improved Cold Air Inductions intake system that provides more power as well as the throaty, muscular cold air intake sound customers want.


The updated system provides up to 13 additional rear-wheel horsepower, dyno-proven without need for ECU tuning, and the system is easy to install in less than 30 minutes. Along with the new Intake System Noise Dampener technology, this Camaro6 system features the unique Cold Air Inductions reusable air filter and heat barriers to reduce ambient heat transfer from underhood to the engine inlet air. This keeps the temperature of the air entering the engine lower for a denser charge and more engine power. The thermal-coated air tube is made from aluminum. All TIG welding on the intake system is done by hand. The insulated air box features an inspection window that makes it easy to check the condition of the lifetime air filter, and the removable air-box lid is held in place with stainless steel, spring-loaded ¼-turn fasteners, for quick and easy lid removal. The air box and air tube are powder-coated in-house to provide either a textured black or near-chrome finish. Cold Air Inductions systems are proudly made in the USA.

Cold Air Inductions has engineered and manufactured performance cold-air intake systems for more than 10 years, and prides itself on building the best quality systems. The company’s cold-air intakes have the advantage of increased airflow with cooler air-inlet temperatures and the best gains in real-world performance without any additional vehicle modifications.

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