DiabloSport Releases New inTune i2 Performance Programmer

DiabloSport is excited to release its new and improved inTune i2 Performance Programmer. This programmer will help take anything from a bone stock to highly modified car to the next level of performance.

Official Release:

Whether your ride is bone stock or highly modified, the inTune i2 will take it to the next level of performance! We’ve integrated the latest electronics technology with our rock solid performance tuning options that you’ve come to know and trust. Between the adjustable parameter options, pre-loaded tune selections, and the amazing new features we have packed into the new i2, it will reset your expectations of what a handheld tuner can do.

The new i2 programmer is massive upgrade from the original inTune. We upgraded the touch screen, beefed up the processing horsepower, and optimized data transfer rates for a completely overhauled user experience. The i2 programs vehicles in a flash, adding horsepower, torque and fuel economy without even popping the hood. We even added a new “Easy Tune” mode that makes installing the programmer easier than ever. The i2 is the perfect performance upgrade for your Chrysler, Ford, or GM car or truck. Our tunes map out out all of the specific performance parameters to get the most out of your bad boy. Click below to find out more information on what the i2 can do for your ride, or to buy one today!

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