How Did You Get Pulled Into This Hobby Of Cars?


Steve Jones told us, “It was passed down from my father. This is my daughter in front of the ‘69 RS my father and I restored when I was a teenager.”

When I travel to various events and functions, I get to meet a lot of friendly and interesting people. Inevitably, while we’re discussing car stuff, the conversation will turn to someone asking me, “So, how did you get hooked on cars?” After I explain how I became infected with this automotive affliction, I learn that many enthusiasts have a similar story. Many of us can attribute our love of cars to those little .97-cent toys we all gathered when we were children. But when it comes to a specific vehicle brand, typically, the answer is simple: family. Be it a grandfather, dad, mother, or the crazy uncle that did unspeakable things with his car. More often than not, a family member has influenced what brand of automobile people happen to revere.

Hooked on Cars

Kelly Robert: “My grandfather was the Service Manager of a local Chevrolet dealership for 30-plus years, so it was kind of in my blood.”

But, whether it was a moonshine delivering grandpa or that crazy uncle that your mom wouldn’t knowingly let you ride with, eventually, we all have to decide for ourselves.

We asked our Facebook community to tell us how they got hooked on cars, and what their current, classic ride happens to be. Again, the family was the operative word, and we thought we would share a couple of the responses with you guys.

Anthony Carrino's second-gen Camaro.

Anthony Carrino’s second-gen Camaro.

Anthony Carrino: “When I was five years old in 1969, I ran out across the street. As I got to the middle of the street I looked to my right and saw a brown 1969 Chevelle 396 SS with black stripes. Before I knew it, I was looking at the front point of the bumper, which sent me towards a 1964 Chevy Biscayne. Above is a picture of my current ride.”

Brandon Sheehan: “I’m still fairly young, but it all started when Chevy released the fifth-gen Camaro in 2010. I instantly fell in love with the car and then I saw the previous generations and learned all I could about the first generation. The ’67 Camaro is my dream car, but I love each and every one of the six generations. Now, I’m going to college to be mechanic and it all started with the fifth-gen Camaro.”

Jim Collura

Jim Collura still owns the ’50 Chevy pickup he purchased long ago.

Jim Collura: “I bought my first car, a ’55 Chevy Bel Air for $25 when I was 14 years old. I’m now 70. Next was a ’59 Impala, then a ’67 Nova SS when I came home from Nam. After that came a ‘69 Chevelle wagon, a ‘50 Chevy pickup (which I still have), and then a ’72 Caprice. I switched over to Pontiac and Cadillac later in life. I have enclosed a picture of my truck.”

Logan Oldenburg
Logan Oldenburg: “I just always thought tuner cars were lame so it was an easy choice. My ‘67 Acadian SD (1 of 174).”

MItch Thompson

Mitch Thompson: “When I was in high school, I was “that” gear head. Now, I drive around loud and proud my ‘65 Impala SS.”

Curtis Conway: “I grew up working on old cars with my dad and watching him drag race. I’m now 19-years-old and driving this.”

Patrick manners

Patrick Manners: “I grew up going to the drag strip with my dad. I always wanted to race cars, and when I bought my first car (2004 Suzuki Verona), I took it to the drag strip and raced it in the street class. I went 18.20 at 75 mph. I’ve always loved Chevrolet cars, and seven years after my first time down the track, I now own my pride and joy, my ‘73 Chevy Vega. It runs 10.80’s at 120 mph in the 1/4 mile.”

What was it that got you involved in this hobby of cars? We would like to hear from you as well. You can comment below or even send us an email and tell us about your influence. Don’t forget to include pictures.

Author: Randy Bolig

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