Happy Easter from Camaros of Michigan


Camaros of Michigan would like to say Happy Easter to our Camaro family and friends. Since we can’t go and visit our family on Easter like we normally do every year, all we want to do is make sure that you are safe and healthy.

We are sure that they will find a cure for this disease but will take a while for us to get back to our normal life and do what we like to do every day. We know that everyone is going crazy and that some of us are not working or unemployed or are working from home or essential people are going into work every day on taking the risk of getting the convid-19.

If you do have to go out make sure that you are wearing a mask and washing your hand after you have finished going to the bathroom or coming back from the store. Wear gloves whenever possible to prevent from getting the Corona Virus and spreading it to your family.

If we all hang together we can beat this disease but we all have to follow the rules because if we don’t it will get worse and more people will die.

From Camaros of Michigan, we want to say be safe and healthy and watch what you do because this is real and serious but, some people think it’s a hoax!

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