Jesse Wilson Picks Up First CPS Win With Fuelab Products Onboard


Jesse Wilson always dreamed of competing in the NMCA like his racing heroes and this past weekend at the Beech Bend Raceway Park during the Bluegrass Nationals he was able to something they all did: earn a win in the series. Wilson piloted his 2014 Camaro to a victory in the ultra-tough Chevrolet Performance Stock (CPS) crate motor class and earned that win with the help of Fuelab products.

Wilson will be the first one to tell you that winning a round, let alone an entire event in the CPS class is very difficult. “I don’t believe I have ever worked so hard at something in my life. I work on this CPS car more between races than when I was racing UMP modifieds on dirt. It’s a huge challenge that I enjoy. Pushis and Lumsden are the class of the field, and to outrun both of those guys really was an accomplishment,” Wilson says.

To help pick up the win Wilson utilized Fuelab’s Prodigy In-Tank Power Module and installation kit along with a Fuelab Pressure Regulator and filter. These parts are key in a class where your ability to create horsepower is almost nonexistent.

“Since we run a sealed engine and sealed ECM, our tuning options are extremely limited. Fuel pressure is a critical adjustment to squeeze all the power out of the DR525 engine that we’re mandated to run in the CPS class. The Fuelab components work flawlessly and maintain consistent pressure to whatever I set the fuel pressure to,” Wilson explains.

Make sure you check out Fuelab’s website to see what fuel system products they have that can help put you in the winner’s circle on race day!

Author:  Brian Wagner

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