LAUP Fiesta Car Show & Camaro’s of Michigan 2017

LAUP Fiesta Car Show 2017 was a good day for it. It was a bit breezy and kinda cold but, was a great turn out at the Shops of Westshore today. Camaro’s of Michigan won! top 50 trophies and, we also donated a trophy for best of show today. The trophy went to Manny Soto owns 1987 Buick Green Regal at the LAUP Fiesta Car Show this year. Many thanks to Chrome Bolts (Ken Firlik) for taking the picture. The trophy we donated turned out awesome! and, we will be doing it again to help support the car show next year. If you missed it this year you can come and support it next and hopefully, the weather will be warmer. See you all next year for this event. Cheers!

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