Let The New Camaro COPO Blow Your Speakers To Pieces!

Let The New Camaro COPO Blow Your Speakers To Pieces!

If you are fans of noisy, muscle, massive cars, than this new model of Chevrolet Camaro COPO is real choice for you. If you read somewhere this name you should know that is talking about real beast.And not everyone have opportunity to see what we will see now. The chance is in front of us and we can see this car from different corners. It will going to do a wheelie, and we will see its engine, its tiers, its start and the manner how will do to deaf all around.

Chevrolet Camaro COPO is a warrior which you can buy it directly from factory. All you need is to like this type of cars. At the beginning we said that it is pretty, loud, it has performances just what you want.

And this video shows it in real light. Its start and the smoke that is produced from rubber are awesome. But did you notice its boot to the rear wheels?

Oh man, that is incredible. I think that you should agree with us that this COPO is one of the best cars in 2016. This car is wearing naturally aspirated. It is mated 7.0 l LSX – V 8 with 3 – speed automatic.

And that is not all. Chevrolet has something else on offer. Do you want to know what is in offered? Well, 5.7 l supercharged, new 6.2 l engine LT based, but there is another beast. And it is real beast. In this options list is next monster: Whipple supercharger on the top, a bespoke racing engine with no less but 2.9 l.

So watch on your speakers. Do not say later that you were not warned. We told you it is pretty loud, but it is awesome. Sit back in your armchair and prepare yourself to watch this. You will be thrilled.

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