Lingenfelter Now Offers 10 Packages For Your LT-Powered Ride

If you haven’t heard of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) by now, you are either extremely new to the GM performance scene, or have been living in the woods making car parts out of ore you refined and cast yourself. Either way, it would behove you to familiarize yourself with the brand, and in a hurry. Why you ask? Because Lingenfelter is currently offering no less than 10 separate packages for LT-powered cars that can see you making anywhere from 600 horsepower up to 800! You read that right, these packages start at 600 horsepower. Interested now?

Lingenfelter has been one of the first names in late-model GM performance for going on 43 years, and is renowned for building cars that behave like their stock counter parts; but with substantially more capability. Naturally, some of the options are more aggressive than others, and are more detectable— but none of these will prohibit you from daily driving your gen-V powered ride.

Sixth-Gen Camaro

Lets start by going over what LPE has to offer for the 2016+ Camaro. While the sixth generation of Camaro is a capable performer right off the line, there is still some meat on the bone there, and Lingenfelter wasted no time exploiting that fact.

Naturally Aspirated

Their ‘basic’ kit ensures that your sixth-gen will produce 600 bhp and 500 lb.-ft. of torque when they are done with it. It includes Lingenfelter CNC ported and polished cylinder heads with 2.13-inch hollow-stem intake valves, alongside 1.59-inch exhaust valves. The bumpstick is upgraded to a COMP Cams unit; the specifications of which are proprietary — but ensure an aggressive idle. However, this does delete the factory Active Fuel Management (AFM) and variable cam timing systems in the search of additional power — we don’t think you’ll miss it much when you get your car back, though.

The valves are controlled by Lingenfelter’s dual springs, which are capped off with titanium retainers and 10-degree locks. A ported and polished throttle body smooths out the incoming air charge, and a high-flow Green Filter ensures the mill has plenty of clean atmosphere.
The car is then reprogrammed by LPE and dyno tested to ensure the power levels are up to snuff, and that everything is operating correctly. Lingenfelter even claims that at this power level, highway gas mileage is not negatively impacted by the modifications. The package also comes with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty, a certificate of authenticity, and chrome Lingenfelter exterior and interior stainless-steel badges.

Not bad for just $9,995, considering the entire package is installed, tuned and tested at Lingenfelter. Especially when you take into account the fact that just a set of headers, high-flow cats and a full exhaust would cost you around $3,500, and would only add 30-40 horsepower — without taking into account the cost of installation.

Forced Induction

For those that would prefer to retain the factory AFM and variable cam timing systems, LPE also offers a more powerful package that uses an intercooled Magnuson Heartbeat TVS2300 supercharger to boost the sixth-gen’s power output to 630 bhp and 600 lb.-ft. of torque. This leaves drivability (and again, highway fuel milage) virtually unaffected. It also comes with the same certificate, badges and warranty as the aforementioned kit, and only costs around $1,000 more than the naturally-aspirated package.

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