Nitrous Outlet’s 2017 And Up ZL1 Nitrous Plate System

In 2001 “Nitro” Dave Vasser, Owner of Nitrous Outlet opened his doors to provide customers with the best service and technical support possible while selling multiple nitrous brands. In 2005 Dave launched his brand of high-quality nitrous products, and Nitrous Outlet has been making a name in the market ever since.


The system is also offered with your choice of a 10, 12, or 15-pound nitrous bottle. If you already have a nitrous bottle, you can purchase the system without one as well. *A 10-pound bottle is shown in the picture.

If you are on the market for a new nitrous system for your 2017+ ZL1, Nitrous Outlet has the system and all of the accessories you need. The unique Nitrous Outlet plate system (PN 00-10163 ZL1) is designed specifically for the 2017+ Camaro ZL1. It is made out of billet aluminum that is machined, anodized, and laser marked in Nitrous Outlet’s home town of Waco, Texas.

This system includes the custom-designed solenoids, vehicle-specific solenoid brackets, pre-bent hardlines, gaskets, hoses, electrical pack, application-specific hardware, Wide Open Throttle (WOT) switch, nitrous feed line, and jetting for 50-100-150-200 horsepower. If you are looking for more than the standard 200 horsepower settings, the plate system will flow up to 400 horsepower with added jets. These systems are E85-compatible with additional jetting available through Nitrous Outlet.

The nitrous plate has six specifically designed nitrous and fuel discharge ports that immerse the air intake charge entirely. The completely atomized fuel mixture offers higher horsepower levels, proper distribution, allowing even cylinder to cylinder distribution.

Nitrous systems are not the only thing Nitrous Outlet has to offer. They also have several different accessories to make your nitrous system easier to install while adding a professional look.

ZL1 X-Brace Bottle Bracket Mounting Plate (PN 00-33008)
The Nitrous Outlet X-Brace bottle mounting plates are machined from aluminum and powder-coated black for added durability. This bracket mounts in the trunk area of your car and allows for a sturdy mount to bolt your bottle brackets to.

Dedicated Fuel System (PN 00-12032 ZL1)
Nitrous Outlet’s dedicated fuel systems come complete with a custom-built hand welded 2-gallon fuel cell, mounting brackets, Deatchwerks in-tank fuel pump, Aeromotive fuel regulator, Aeroquip -6 AN hose, fuel lines, and fittings. It will allow you to run race fuel in the nitrous system while guaranteeing you have enough fuel to support your nitrous system.

Cup Holder Switch Panel (PN 00-11042 ZL1)
This switch panel explicitly designed for the 2017+ ZL1 6th Gen Camaro cup holder. This black anodized aluminum switch panel will add a professional touch to your nitrous system while making your accessories easier to manage.

Console Switch Panel (PN 00-11043 ZL1)
This switch panel fits right in the console of your ZL1 for a clean factory look. Gone are the days of drilling holes in your dash and using cheap toggle switches for nitrous activation. This panel is made from waterjet cut aluminum and anodized black. They will also work with any brand of nitrous system and accessories.

Wiring Harnesses
Nitrous Outlet even offers complete wiring harnesses for those of you want a professional installation but aren’t comfortable with the electrical side of a nitrous system. The ProMax Wiring Harness (PN 12-10117-P ZL1) is a plug and play harness that will integrate a ProMax progressive controller into the nitrous system. If you don’t need a progressive, the ZL1 WinMax Wiring Harness (PN12-10117-W) will offer the same features with the WinMax window switch instead of the ProMax controller.

For more information about Nitrous Outlet’s ZL1 nitrous system and other products, please visit You can also give them a call, and their knowledgeable tech staff will be able to answer any question you might have.

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