Camaro’s of Michigan Logo Trunk Badge

Camaro’s of Michigan has a new product for purchase. This is a logo trunk badge that you can use instead of the Camaro’s of Michigan window decal. This badge is made from premium UV rated composite plastic and will withstand the sun and rain. If you are a Camaro’s of Michigan Club Member you can purchase the trunk badge at a discount.

Camaro’s of Michigan Car Show Donations

Camaro’s of Michigan had a car show on July 29, 2019, to raise money for our charity by having a live auction and selling tickets for the 50/50 raffle and we were able to raise $1,300.00 for our charities. We donated $1,000 to Hospice of Holland and the $150.00 we donated to the American Cancer Society and $150.00 to the American Diabetes Association. The Harvest Stand Ministries Food Pantry collected 300lbs of food from our patriots that attended our car show. The show was a great success! We thank everyone that came to our car show.   

Camaro’s of Michgan Newsletter

NOTICE: To all of our Camaro’s of Michigan Club Members. We will be adding you to our newsletter so, you know what is going on. You can unsubscribed if you wish but, you will not know what we are doing. If you have a Comcast, Hotmail, AOL e-mail address we will not be adding you to the newsletter for the reason having issues with these e-mails. Once the issue is resolved we will then add you.

For the rest of our user if you would like to join our newsletter you can do so, by signing up. We will not be adding you like we did for our members. The newsletter is new and wanted to let you know about it in case you missed it on the right side of the main page.

Camaro’s of Michigan Mail Server Yahoo, Comcast, Hotmail, AOL, Frontier E-mail Issues

Camaro’s of Michigan are having issues with Yahoo, Comcast, Hotmail e-mail and wondering why we don’t respond back. We are getting your e-mails but, the reason is because our hosting company is having issue with replying to customers with these e-mails. These companies for some reason is blocking the IP gateway from our hosting company and are on a black list.

Our hosting company as already contacting these other companies to remove them from their blacklist. We are waiting patiently to get this issue resolved soon as possible but, s of right now they not done that. If you have a g-mail e-mail that seems to work with no problems. We will response using our Camaro’s of Michigan g-mail address to customers that have these e-mail addresses.

Project Red Dawn: One High Power, Heavily Armored 1971 Chevy Camaro

As dawn arrives, a fire-red figure emerges on the horizon, LS7 Lingenfelter V8 engine roaring, and exhaust billowing from its tightly tucked pipes. The heavily armored, high power, rear-wheel drive weapon of tire destruction rolls-up, its driver grinning ear-to-ear. It’s not every day that you encounter a second-gen Chevy Camaro with ass-loads of street cred and the performance mods to back it up, which is precisely why TCI Engineering’s project car is in front of you today.

3 shares Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series Hits Memphis Raceway

The Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series brought a lot of action to Memphis International Raceway this past weekend. The series was held in conjunction with the Inaugural Comp Cams NMCA Memphis Homecoming. Below is the complete press release courtesy of ProMedia written by Mary Lendzion.

Drivers were dialed in and deadly for the Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series’ 13th Annual LSX Shootout, which was held along with the Inaugural Comp Cams NMCA Memphis Homecoming, May 2-5 at Memphis International Raceway in Tennessee.

Self-Built Camaro Is A Pro Street Hit At Street Machine Nationals

There was a sea of street machines of every shape and size at the Street Machine Nationals in Du Quoin, Illinois. If you want to see the most amazing Pro Street cars, this is the place to be. It’s where the movement gained its notoriety (and maybe its infamy) and is still alive, well, and highly represented at the event. Even though there are new builds introduced each year, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a modern car done Pro Street style as they did back in the day.