Spied! 2019 Camaro Testing In The Wild


Well, it seems the folks over at General Motors have been pretty busy lately. We’ve been almost bombarded with ‘Vette news the last week or so (no, we’re not complaining) and now shots of what seems to be a redesigned 2019 Camaro have hit the web.

As seemingly new as it may be, the Camaro may be already getting a fresh new facelift, and the very first (of what will probably be very many) spy shots have emerged. Pictures come to us via Autoblog.

Caught driving around some snowy mountain roads in Colorado, as usual, its disguised in some crazy camouflage, distinguishable only by its roofline and doors. The rear completely covered, and the A-pillar forward hidden under some odd-looking false front-end.


Images courtesy of Autoblog and Brian Williams

Though we can’t see much yet in terms of exterior updates, at least we know what’s coming. While we love the idea of another extra special ‘Maro, we’re sure Chevy won’t be steering away from the overall look anytime soon, but the Camaro’s front and rear fascia will get a much needed redesign.

Unlike the front of the car, the rear isn’t hidden, just simply wrapped up. It looks relatively similar to the original sixth-gen, but smoothed out a bit with updated tail lights.


But supposedly, the exterior won’t be the most drastic change when it comes to the next Camaro. The upcoming lineup is said to be adopting the brand spankin’ new (and super amazing) 10-speed automatic transmission from the ZL1, along with other amenities borrowed from the Cadillac ATS and a slight bump in power.

These changes will most likely be brought to production with the 2019 model year. Keep checking back for updates.

Author : Jenna Schiebe


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