Texas Speed All Motor Gen 6 Camaro Cranks Out 9-Second Pass

No stranger to record-setting cars, Texas Speed and Performance in Georgetown, Texas, accomplished its first 9-second pass this past week in its 2016 Camaro SS, with YouTube sensation Cleetus McFarland at the controls. The 9.89-second pass trapped 134.93 mph at Little River Dragway in Holland, Texas.

The Camaro was built just recently, with a completion date in July of this year before competing at Camaro Fest in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Texas Speed and Performance founders Trevor Doelling and Jason Mangum gave me the rundown on their impressive naturally-aspirated build.

“I think it’s important to note that this car only has bolt-on stuff,” Trevor explained. “Nothing about it is custom.”

The Camaro is a “heads/cam” build with ported CNC stock cast heads, an off-the-shelf camshaft, and a Holley Hi-Ram Intake. The car is equipped with its factory manual transmission matched to a SPEC clutch, and features a G-Force rear, converting the stock 8.5-inch ring gear to a 9-inch.

Exhaust escapes through Texas Speed’s 2-inch headers and off-road pipes.

Billet Specialties 15-inch wheels reside in all four corners, with Strange double-adjustable shocks in the front, and Viking double-adjustable shocks out back.

Texas Speed guestimates that the Camaro weighs about 3,300 pounds, give or take a few, but is far from stripped. Yes, the extra seats were removed, but that’s about all the weight savings they are working with.

Watch a video of the 9-second pass below! Now that Texas Speed owns the naturally aspirated stock bottom-end record for the Gen 6 (not to mention the Gen 4), we can’t wait to see what this crew accomplishes next!


Stephanie Davies

Stephanie Davies got her start in automotive media while studying at Rutgers University and eventually landed at Roush Performance outside of Detroit, where she now resides. She writes for various automotive outlets, works with rescue dogs, enjoys driving her Roush-charged Coyote-swapped 1992 Fox body Mustang race car, and is convinced that absolutely nothing in the world beats a sunny weekend at the track.

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