Tulip City Ghostbusters at Camaro’s of Michigan Car Show


The Tulip City Ghostbusters are coming to Camaro’s of Michigan Car Show. So bring your kids and family this will be something new in the car show scene. They have been around this summer coming to car shows is where we met them. They will have the puff marshmallow man there so, come to our car show to meet them in person. 

They are a group of Ghostbusters located along the West Michigan Lakeshore area who attend festivals, special events, parades, and other events. You can check them out on Facebook click here Hope to see you there!

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  1. Today the Tulip City Ghostbusters were a smash at our car show. Everyone liked the stay puff marshmallow man! They also had a chance to speak to everyone on what they are all about. A big thank you to Kim and her team on doing this. Until next year!

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