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Video: Whipple Torture Tests Camaro Supercharger


Superchargers, like those offered by Whipple, and all engine components for that matter are subject to huge amounts of abuse when it comes to thrashing a car around the race track, or just the daily grind of commuting and stop and go traffic. It’s no wonder Whipple Superchargers are used on GM for OEM applications like the new COPO Camaro.

WhippleHere we see the 2.9-liter W175ax twin-screw supercharger being put through its paces for a grueling 48 hour durability test. This supercharger is designed for the 2010-15 Camaro, boasts 99-percent volumetric efficiency, and according to Whipple, only consumes one horsepower at cruising power demands to maximize fuel-efficiency.

Just like any other part of an engine, superchargers can generate a lot of heat. Spinning at screaming RPMs and compressing air generate a lot of thermal energy. With heat being a universal enemy of engines, keeping this energy in check is key to promoting durability and a long life span. During the test, an infrared thermometer is used to check temperatures across different speeds.

Author: Trevor Anderson

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