Camaros of Michigan

Andy Sosa

Living the dream. Enjoying my family because you don't know what is coming down the road.

Member Since 01/2015

Let me introduce myself. I am the president and operator of Camaros of Michigan. I started this car club and web site to raise money for people that have cancer, diabetes, etc. Some of my family members have passed away from these awful diseases and, I always said if there was some way that I could help people I would.

My wife got me hooked onto Camaros and I always had the love to nice and shining things as she does. (Bling! Bling!) Fixing up and modifying our Camaro and trying to make it nice as I could. I worked on it for 2 years before I took it to any shows not know what I was doing but, I had an eye for things to look nice. I told my wife that I wanted to start to take it to car shows.

Well, I went to my first car show and won my first award! I went to 35 more car shows that year to see how people were running their car shows. I met some great car people along the way and made a lot of friends. I decided then and there I wanted to have a car show of my own to raise money for charities in my local area.

I knew that it was going to be a lot of work and with the help of my wife, son, family, and friends I made it happen. Trying to pick a day to have the car show so that didn’t fall on another car show in the area that I was competing against was the hardest. Then hoping that it didn’t rain on that day also. The 1st car show we had was at TLC Automotive in Holland. I didn’t know how many cars would show up since this was a new car show in Holland. I passed out many of my car show flyers to all of the other cars shows that I went to in hopes that people would come to my car show.

Well, the day of the show a little over 100 cars came and the weather was perfect! Hot and sunny. We raised $1,200.00. Not too bad for our 1st car show. All of the proceeds we collected we donated went to local charities in our area. We started also started making and selling dress-up products for the 5th and 6th gens Camaros and donating that money at the end of the year to our local charities.

I told my wife I want to do more. Then I decided that I wanted to be in the Holland Tulip Parade. After speaking with the Tulip Time Committee they agreed to let me give it a shot. Well, the Tulip Time Committee loved us! We are now in the Wednesday and Saturday parade every year with some of our car club members in our town which thousands of people from all over the country come to see the parade and is also on the radio and is televised on T.V.

We started our car club in 2015 and every year we get new members that join our car club and is growing slowly every year. I am always thinking of ways of making things happen for the car club. We have also joined forces with the Detroit car club and do cruises and activities each year. We also have other car clubs that want to do activities with also time permitting. You never know what I might do next. We would love it if you would join us and help with our charities and people in need.

We have a 2012 RS V6 LT1 5th Gen Summit White Coupe Camaro with a metallic burgundy strip down the middle. My wife named the Camaro “Pearlee” after her grandmother. What mods have we done to our Camaro you ask? Well, we change the exhaust from the catalytic converter all the way back and installed stainless steel longer resonators. Then we installed an x-pipe and out the back with Magnaflow’s with chrome tips. Now she has a deep sound and a growl when we make her bark going down the highway. The reason that we have a personal license plate GRRROWL!

Installed a Vmax port throttle body, K&N CAI with a sock, Vitesse Throttle controller, change the factory wheels to 22″ USmag chrome wheels. Added all the chrome on the exterior and interior on and in the Camaro. Mirrored chrome dress-up in the engine bay and truck. Add LED lights in the engine bay and also the interior of the Camaro. Door sill plates that light up Camaro. Changed out the exterior lights on the Camaro with LED lights. 

All of the mirrored chrome products that we have on our Camaro are products that we make and sell and ship all over the US for our charities.       

Area of Expertise : Making Custom dress-up products for the 5th and 6th gen Camaros. Raising money for charities.
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