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The Camaros of Michigan Camaro Car Club is a registered non-profit club in the State of Michigan. Our mission is to host benefits car shows, promote fun and fellowship among its members and other Camaro owners, and promote the Chevrolet Camaro.

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Camaros of Michigan Camaro Car Club is a registered non-profit club in the State of Michigan. Our mission is to host benefits car shows, promote fun and fellowship among its members and other Camaro owners, and promote the Chevrolet Camaro. We are a relaxed car club.

We normally have meetings like 1-2 times a year. We are a flexible car club and don’t tell you when and where you have to be for a car show or cruise. If you can and can’t go to a car show or cruise we understand that things come up. We will ask you to help us sometimes when it comes to getting sponsors and volunteering your time on what needs to be done for the car show we host each year. We need your help and can’t do it all by ourselves.

Keep in mind that we are located in Zeeland and Holland Michigan areas. Many of our current members are near these areas. If you join our car club and live far from those areas you would have to travel to come to some of our events cruises etc. We might not have many events and cruises going on near your hometown.

Check out our member’s page to see where our current members are located. There is a car shows all over and sometimes members will travel to a car show and some will not travel far. It’s very hard to do things together.

Going as a group to one of the car shows would be even better if we can all come as a club. We want to make this car club fun. You can quit the car club anytime that you want without any questions asked but, there will be no refund of your membership fee. Membership is only a $45 one-time fee.

Spouses will also have to sign-up for membership also if they want to be part of the club. As a new member of Camaros of Michigan, each member will be entitled to receive the Items below. If you would like to purchase additional apparel you can in our shop under apparel or click on related products below. 

Rules & Conditions:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to join.
  • You must have a Camaro of any gen to join.
  • Agree to our terms and conditions.
  • You don’t have to be in the state of Michigan to join.


What is included if you join our car club:

Camaros of Michigan vinyl window decal for your Camaro. (If you need a replacement decal because the one you have come off or was damaged, we would give you another for free while you are still a member of Camaros of Michigan Car Club. If you would like a trunk badge you can get one for an additional charge.)

  • Camaros of Michigan plastic ID badge and lanyard.
  • Camaros of Michigan Dash Vinyl Banner for your Camaro dash. 
  • Camaros of Michigan Koozie the color of your Camaro if we have the color.
  • Camaros of Michigan vinyl bumper stickers that you can put anywhere.
  • Camaros of Michigan button pins to put on your shirt or hat. 
  • Camaros of Michigan magnets that you can put anywhere.
  • We will host your Camaro on our forum website background scheme.
  • Post your picture and bio on the forum so everyone knows you are a Camaros of Michigan member.
  • An official Camaros of Michigan shirt with an embroidered logo on the left chest and right arm sleeve that you can wear to car shows and if you want you can have your name on your shirt for an additional charge.

Club shirts come in all different colors to choose from or if you don’t want a shirt you can get one of our baseball hats with the embroidered logo on the front and on the back of the baseball hat. It comes in all different colors to choose from and one size fits all with a velcro adjusting strap on the back and is lightweight, and breathable.

Brand image T-Shirt

  • Lightweight, roomy, and highly breathable, these moisture-wicking, value-priced tees feature PosiCharge technology to lock in color and prevent logos from fading.
  • Wrinkle-free and cool in the summer.
  • 3.8-ounce, 100% polyester interlock with PosiCharge technology
  • Removable tag for comfort and relabeling
  • Note: please make sure what size you wear before ordering your size.

You will meet lots of great Camaro friends and other car lovers like you. We will not sell or give out any of your information to anyone! This is used for Camaros of Michigan’s purposes only. 

We don’t demand you to do anything that you don’t want to do. We also don’t have to go as a group because some members can’t go to all of the car show or cruises that is going on in the spring, summer, and fall. Right now we are a small club and trying to get new members to join so, spread the word. We get new members each year.

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up and join our club! and be one of us! All you can lose is all the fun!

Membership Dues

Right now we don’t collect any annual membership dues. You only pay a one-time fee for the reason that we are too small of a car club group right now to do that. As we grow we will be collecting annual dues in the future for use on events that we have or go to. We will let you know way ahead of time. So as of right now, it’s just a one-time fee of $45 when you sign-up. This pays for your shirt etc. everything listed above. Camaros of Michigan does not profit from signing up and being a club member. 

Note: After you sign-up, there will be some downtime to get your shirt made, etc, before we can ship all of the items listed to you. This would depend on what we have in stock etc. You can contact us where we are in the process with your membership items.

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