Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What if I need help installing some of the dress-up pieces that you sell can you help?

If you are in our hometown and need our help on something we can help you with a charge depending on what it is that you need help with. Contact our customer service for more information on what you need.

Q: Can I get a discount on products?

Yes, you can get discounts from time to time depending on how much you purchase. We do sometimes have specials on certain products around the holidays etc. Click on our discount tab for more information.

Q: Do you offer a military discount?

Yes, we do offer military discounts. All we need is something that you can send us to track if you were indeed in the military or not before we can give you a discount.

Q: I see that you offer free shipping anywhere in the US but, do you offer free shipping to Canada?

Sorry, no, we don’t offer free shipping to Canada but will ship to Canada. There will be a flat rate of $50 added to your order. If you had someone who lives in the USA that you can come and get your order from, it would be cheaper for you. We can ship it to them for free!

Q: Can I be part of your organization? 

Right now we are not offering employment at this time but, you can be part of our car club. You can sign-up for a car club membership one-time fee of $45 click here for details or you can volunteer your time if you like when we need help with events etc. If you want to volunteer your time click here for details.

Q: I want to know if you can make a custom part for me can you help me with that?

Yes, we can make your part depending on what it is but, there will be charges for the cad work, postage, and administration fee as well we can quote you a price before we will proceed with the custom piece that you want to be made. If you have the cad file already made that you can send us it would cut down on the price. We would need some money down percent from the quoted price which would apply to the cost before we begin on your project. This would not be a non-refundable price in case you change your mind. You would have to contact us for the details of what you are trying to make. Contact our customer service.

Q: I received my order and it’s not what I thought can I return it?

You can return it but, you will have to pay for the return on the shipping. We only offer free shipping one time unless it was our mistake. You can’t return a custom product that we made special for you. Please make sure that it is what you want before you place your order. please read our return policy.

Q: I love all of the products that you sell but, I don’t have the money right now but, want the products now do you have a payment plan?

We don’t offer a payment plan. We know that Paypal has a pay later option on their site. 

Q: I can’t get enough of all of the Camaro products that you sell. Do you offer discounts if I purchase a certain dollar amount?

We can give you a break on the price but, you would have to spend $300.00 or more to get the discount which will automatically give to you in your shopping cart. 

Q: How do I know when your group will be at a car show? I want to meet Camaros of Michigan.

You can see where we will be here but, not all member comes to all of the car shows that we go to. Everyone has other obligations on the weekends, and getting everyone together is hard.

Keep an eye on where the car shows are that we are going to but, we do change it from time to time because of the weather or other car show we change our mind to go to instead.

We are planning on having our car show on July 22, 2023. We are in the planning stages and will announce it on our main page and also on Facebook Camaros of Michigan Group with all of the details.

Q: What if my package is damaged when I get it?

You can contact us to report your damage. We will need a picture of the damaged product so we can put in a claim with our carrier. Once we received that information about the damaged product we will send you a replacement one unless you want to cancel your order.

If you do want to cancel your order then we will need you to ship us back the damaged product that you purchased from us. This shipping cost back to us will be at your own expense and we will not re-reimburse your shipping cost. Please see our shipping policy.