Return Policy

Our 14- day return policy states if you don’t like our product for any reason you can return it for a full purchase price after, we get the product back and has been inspected. The product has to be in the same condition as when we sent it to you. No damages cuts or scratches and the buyer pays for return shipping and needs to make sure that the protected vinyl is still on the item and does not have any scratches through the vinyl if you purchase one of our product with the protected vinyl that you are returning. We will not take back your item if the vinyl has been removed, for the reason, we can’t resell it to someone else because no one will want it with vinyl removed, like if we were to send it to you that way. If you had a product custom made for you after we have already completed it for you. There is No Refund! on that item because it’s a custom product which we can’t resell it again to someone else. No Excepts!  In the event the product that you are returning to us is damaged, scratched or something wrong with it we will not refund your money. We will be contacting you what we found while inspecting it. Terms for returning the product back to us need to postmarked the day that we informed you about and, also we will need a tracking number e-mailed back to us so we can track the package. DO NOT  Send the product back without contacting us first. We will informed you when to send it back. We think that this is fair for our customers and also for Camaro’s of Michigan. Sorry for any convenience this may cause.

You can return the product back to the address below:

Camaro’s of Michigan 7119 Koper Circle Zeeland MI, 49464

We want to make every customer happy with their shopping experience with us but, there might be someone that does not agree to our terms and conditions. So far everyone has been happy and have returned to purchase more items from us. Please come back and give a product review on your purchase item. We only do FREE shipping anywhere in the 48 United States. Read our Shipping Terms and Conditions.