About Us, Our Mission and Products

Camaros of Michigan who are we and our mission:

We are dedicated to the owner’s enthusiasts and fans of the 6th generation and earlier GM’s Camaro. We are a non-profit organization Camaro club. We do sell aftermarket products in our shop, we donated 50% of the proceeds to local charities in our surrounding areas. The other 50% is used to make more items and pay for powder coating products, mailing items to customers, etc.

We do our best to offer quality products that exceed our customer’s expectations year after year by researching new products that customers want. Your satisfaction with our products and service is very important to us. We’ve tried our best to fill your order properly and package it for safe arrival. If you have any questions about our products please e-mail our customer service at customerservice@camarosofmichigan.com

Your feedback is crucial to making our products and non-profit better. Leaving a review on a product page can not only help us but help the next customer to decide if it is the right product for them. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving your future needs. 

If you wish you can donate to us any amount by clicking on donation on this menu or you can click on the donate Paypal button on the right side bottom of the screen. We will be hosting a Benefit Car Show. This will be our 5th annual car show and will be on July 24, 2021. You can pre-register from our main page under the events tab. For more information on other cars, shows check our event page when and where the car show will take place. Post your comments in our forum section or comment on the event page if you had gone to one of the events posted.

If you want to sell something car related you can post your item in our classified section. Please join us and sign up for our membership car club. We are looking for new members and always making changes to the forum from time to time to try and make it better for everyone. Camaros of Michigan is dedicated to developing unique, high-quality products. Customizing cars we have a unique approach to the ever-growing auto accessory industry.

Our products lines include our custom accessories mirrored stainless steel, aluminum, powder coating finish. We pride ourselves on the fact that the majority of our show going customers have achieved top honors such as “Best of Show, Best in Class, Best Engine Bay, Best Interior” and more. We are committed to the development of hot new products at any available opportunity and offer an extensive new car product for our customers. We even make custom pieces for some of our customers and car club people at events etc. Come back and see what we have to offer, you never know what we are going to make next. Enjoy the forum! Like us on Facebook and join our Camaros of Michigan Car Club Group on Facebook.