Shipping Terms and Conditions

Camaros of Michigan does advertise free shipping applies in the 48 continental states ONLY! Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and Germany will be a flat rate shipping fee of $50 and we will refund the difference back to the customer once we know what the shipping cost will be. We have the right to use any shipping carrier we feel necessary to get your order. We will not ship until we received payment for your order.

If you would like the product shipped overnight! you will have to contact us before you place your order and the free shipping would not apply you will have to pay for all of the shipping costs. We would not give you shipping credit on your next order because you wanted overnight shipping. If you wish to cancel your order you may do so, and we will understand but, we price our products what the competitive market is.

We have a 1-day handling time before we ship it out to you unless you have ordered a custom product or if we don’t have it in stock because we have to fabricate and get it powder coated. This could take 7-14 business working days not counting weekends or holidays to fabricate the product because we don’t have it in stock before we can ship it out to you.

This a reminder that COVID has had a toll on some of our outside vendors and something that normally takes a few days to get done is now taking longer which we have no control over. We try and get your order out fast as we can but, sometimes our inventory might be off or we find some issues with the item you ordered scratched or some other type of flaw that we don’t want to send to you that way.

Shipping could take 2-14 days depending on where you live and what item you have purchased from us. We have no guarantee when you will get your package once it leaves our hands. If you place an order on Friday after 5 pm we will not ship it out until Saturday. If you place an order on Saturday afternoon we will not ship it until Monday. During the week if you place an order after 5 pm we will not ship until the next business working day.

If there is a holiday where the post office is closed to observe the holiday we will ship it out the next business working day. We will provide you with a tracking number from the carrier via Paypal and our site tracking system so, you can track your package on how long it will take to get to you. You will get an email telling you that your items were shipped after we entered the tracking number in Paypal and our tracking system.

Camaros of Michigan is not responsible for the item that leaves us when we bring the package to the carrier. In the event, your item was damaged or lost by the carrier. You would have to contact us so, we can help with the damages and put in a claim on your package. We always have $50 of insurance on the item that we ship you. Sometimes we run out of a product because of high demand.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us. We are here to help you in any way we can. We want to make you happy as our customers. Since we are a non-profit car club we reuse boxes that people donate to us to save on costs so, we have more money to donate to our charities.

Note: Remember if you live in an area where the mail delivery person left your product at your doorstep, porch, mailbox or apartment building, etc.. or someone signed for it was delivered or someone stole it from any of those areas Camaros of Michigan is not responsible for a thief! So if you contact us to say you have not received your item yet, where is it? Check the tracking number to make sure it is still on the way or it was delivered before you contact us.

If it was stolen you will have to purchase another one. We will not replace it because someone stole it. You can put in a claim against us, eBay or Pay pal will be in our favor for the reason it was delivered. Yes, you might be upset with our company because you didn’t receive your item. And you will not purchase anything from us again but, this is not our fault. We try hard to make every customer happy when they purchase from us but, sometimes we can’t make everyone happy for some reason some things are out of our control.  

Note: If you gave us an incorrect address for shipping like leaving off an apartment number or missing a digit from a zip code etc. and the item comes back to us, we will contact you via e-mail about your shipping address. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for shipping if you want us to send it to another address for the 2nd time since we already tried to send it to you the first time at the address that you gave us was incorrect.

If you still would like your order sent, we will invoice you for the shipping fee. Once that is paid we would then ship your order out again to the new address that you provided. Or you can cancel your order and we will give you a full refund back via Paypal minus the shipping fee. Sorry for any inconvenience that this might cause.

If the shipping address was our mistake or if you received the wrong item and you have to send it back we would then cover the shipping cost. This would only apply if we ask you to send it back to us, or we might tell you to keep the item and we will send you a replacement one depending on what the issue was at the time you contacted us.