Forum Rules

Welcome to our Forum. Below are some basic “house rules” we live by so you, our valued members, may continue to enjoy the forum! “Don’t use your real name when posting” Use a nickname or what you named your car.

We’re here as a family of enthusiasts, and we should act accordingly. And since the forum is constantly gaining new members, please go out of your way to help answer others’ questions in an effort to make this an even better community. Shunning new members’ questions or rudely telling others to “search for it” is extremely discouraged.

1.) Respect & Be Helpful By far, the most important rule here. Generations of GM enthusiasts have come together through a shared passion for the car and the community, so the golden rule applies: Treat others as you wish to be treated. This means no foul language, insults, or rude remarks towards other members.

2.) Agree to disagree – We encourage spirited discussions where members can contribute to the forum, and we understand that not everyone will be in agreement on a particular subject. However, repeated opposing posts with disrespectful intent to ‘win’ a debate will be moderated accordingly.

3.) Suggestions – Part of the beauty of being a member here is that we value your input! If you have a thought or idea that might improve the forum, post it in the member feedback forum. We promise to do our best to accommodate reasonable suggestions.

4.) No “Thread-Crapping”/Vendor Feedback – Do not ruin another member’s sale thread (or any other) for any reason. Feel free to report an objectionable post, or just don’t post in the thread! Like Mom used to say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!” Just move on. This applies to members’ and vendors’ threads alike.

5.) Off-Limit Discussions – There are a few topics for which we have zero tolerance policy based on past experience or simply the nature of the topic. They are Politics (automotive-related regulations discussions are allowed), Religion, Pornography, Law Enforcement-Bashing, and Street Racing. Any posts of this nature will be removed without warning or notification from an admin or moderator discretion.

7.) Classifieds – You are allowed to advertise items for sale in the Classifieds sections ONLY You MUST create your own thread for your items. Do not “piggy-back” off another member’s classified listing.

8.) Models/Photos Shoots – All postings of this nature posting must be appropriate for the family-friendly atmosphere we maintain on this site; models must be clothed (bikinis are okay), and poses must not be suggestive or erotic in nature. Violation of this rule may result in the deletion of pictures at the discretion of the admins or moderators without notification.

9.) Vendors Policy – Contact Tran for details. In short: only paying vendors/sponsors are allowed to conduct any commercial/advertising activity on the public forums or via private messaging. Doing so without sponsorship will result in account suspension.

10.) No Double Accounts – Each person is allowed to have only one single account on the site. Double accounts will result in possible suspension of all accounts. If for some reason that you are having a problem with your account and want to start over please let the admins know and we can delete your account so you can start over.

11.) Admin Discretion – All posting activity on the forums is monitored and subject to disciplinary action based on the discretion of the admins and moderators beyond the rules specifically outlined above in an effort to serve the community.

Disciplinary Actions:
These rules will be enforced and monitored by the admins.

  • If the violation is the person’s First infraction, he or she will be given an official warning. No nudity.
  • If the violation is the person’s Second infraction, he or she will have his or her account suspended temporarily for 7 days.
  • If the violation is the person’s Third infraction, he or she will have his or her account temporarily suspended for 30 days.
  • If the violation is the person’s Fourth infraction, he or she will have his or her account permanently! suspended by name, email, and IP address.