Camaros of Michigan

Jennifer Nicholson

Member Since 05/2020

Ever since I was a kid learning to drive in the 80’s, I’ve always been fascinated by Camaros.  I desperately wanted one, but couldn’t afford it.  I dated guys that drove one just so I could ride in it.  But I always had to be responsible and practical and own a car that would work in Michigan winters as well as suit my needs.

Once I got married, I always had a kid-friendly SUV.  When my work would tell us to make Dream Boards to help motivate the sales force, a picture of a Camaro would always be front and center.  As for which Generation of Camaro is best, I like them all!

My husband started talking about restoring a muscle car a few years ago as a way to teach our sons basic auto mechanics and get them involved in a project with us.  We started looking at classics and the cost to restore one.  When my husband suggested that we would end up spending about $20,000 to buy and restore something, I pointed out that I didn’t think we needed to do that when all I really wanted was a Camaro and there seemed to be several very affordable ones looking for some love on Facebook and Craigslist.

A week before my 50th birthday, I went on a business trip. During the time while I was away, Jack bought my Camaro and cleaned it up and put an upgraded radio in it for me.  As I pulled in the drive after my trip, I see this beautiful silver 1997 Camaro convertible sitting in the front yard like a month out of a calendar.  I barely got my van into park as I jumped out of it and ran (waddled after a 6-hour drive) up to it and hugged it.  

I’m super excited to be a part of the Camaro lifestyle!  I might just have a stock V6 convertible, but she is mine, and when I put the top down and the tunes up, there is no better feeling of freedom and absolution.


  • Allegan, MI

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