2016 Camaro SS Vitesse Motorsports Throttle Controller Hands on Review

This Throttle Controller is a good mod if you are looking to pep up your camaro and easy to install in about 15-20 mins You will love how much response that it has.

Throttle response is how fast it takes from the time you mash the accelerator pedal to the time the engine RPM rises and how fast it rises. Throttle response is all about the time delay in the control system which alters the air pressure in the inlet manifold. It’s only the time delay between moving the driver’s right foot and changing the amount of air available at the inlets.

A more responsive 400hp engine will outrun (other than top speed) a less responsive yet more powerful 450hp engine on the track assuming driver skills and vehicle suspension tire adhesion etcetera being equal in the same car every time.

When you open the throttle it responds by sucking in more air and adding more fuel. The power increase is caused because your RPM’s rise. The faster your RPM’s rise the faster your car can reach max power.

Cold air intakes / ported throttle bodies / ported intakes …. will all give some additional maximum power but a Throttle Controller’s biggest benefit is allowing the engine RPM to rise faster which translates to reaching maximum power sooner which means the car will be accelerating faster.

Throttle response plays a major role in driving pleasure, as this gives the driver more control over the vehicle’s acceleration or deceleration. If you have a very precise throttle response, it will not only make your driving maneuvers a lot more predictable but makes you feel more comfortable pushing the car’s limits on corners.

On a race track, while entering a corner, the requested power output is reduced since the vehicle is coasting or braking. After passing the corner, the driver will suddenly request more power to accelerate back to normal speeds. Fast throttle response allows a vehicle to regain its speed quickly after cornering. Drifting requires very precise and instant throttle response on a rear-wheel drive car, one wants to increase torque on the rear wheels at a precise moment in a corner to make it turn the car more in the direction of the road ahead past the corner, and make it stop at a precise moment or the car will spin out of control. No matter what the maximum engine power is, if the throttle response is slow, you will not be able to have control or do this maneuver.

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