7th Annual Lakeshore Community Car Show 2023 Hightlights

Well, our car show this year was a success! Despite the few rain drops there was a cloud over Holland.
This year we raised $1,200 for our charity Hospice of Holland from our car show.
We also gave another $1,000 from our car club Camaros of Michigan for a total of $2,200 which is awesome!
We want to thank our volunteers for all of your help. My family is Fran Sosa, Kris Sosa, Michelle Ohse, Jake Ohse, Joe Cuellar, and Gary Mosher just to mention a few. We also want to thank our sponsors XScape Roller Rink, NU-Gig Events, State Farm, Auto Zone, Advance Auto, O’Reilly’s Auto, Summit Racing, A&J Auto, A&J Upholstery, Wrap Tek, Hanks Auto Service, Awards Plus, Proje Cleaning Products, Cannon’s DJ Service, Team Thunder & Lightning, Miller Liquation’s.
We hope that every one that came to the show had a good time and hope to see you next year.
If you came to the show if you could give us a review below we would appreciate it.

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