A 455 Horsepower V8 Camaro On Snow Tires Is The Best Worst Blizzard Car Ever


Speed. Power. Noise. Ice. And a near complete and total lack of visibility. This is why the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS is both the best and the worst car for driving in a blizzard. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This past weekend, the skies unleashed a torrent of powder onto Jalopnik’s secret bunker, with over 26 inches accumulating in less than 24 hours, which was good enough for a new record. Knowing the forecast, we really had only one option.

(Full Disclosure: The second we heard a potentially historic blizzard was bearing down upon us, we desperately called around to see if we could get something fun and window-licking crazy with only two days notice. GM was kind enough to lend us a Camaro SS on snow tires.)

A bright-red Camaro, in SS trim with a 455-horse V8, sounds like it’d be the worst car for a blizzard. Traditional blizzard cars tend to involve a navy blue Subaru Outback or a 1990s Toyota 4Runner which, despite sitting on the fattest stock tires this side of a combined harvester, can get deceptively slippy thanks to its all-season rubber compound. Or something on Trax.

But ours wasn’t just any Camaro SS. Ours was on super-grippy Pirelli Sottozero snow tires, which aired a sense of invincibility. A hilariously false sense of invincibility, as we were soon to learn.

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