Camaro’s Lowest Sales Month Since 2010 – Is Camaro In Trouble?


We all love the new Camaro. It’s great looks and the all new platform should have Camaro enthusiasts screaming ” I can’t wait to get one” Ever since it’s launch the car was just done right in ever angle, or was it? We attend a lot of events and hear people love the all new car, but the price point is the one complaint that ever enthusiast has. This car has been from what we hear from Camaro Junkies is called “The Whole Check Camaro” When you break down and build a 2SS on the Chevrolet website it nearly hits 50K territory, yikes as some enthusiasts opting for a 1SS as that’s all they can afford. Those are the die hards as others seem to be bouncing into different brands. We really don’t like seeing this but take a look for yourself, the proof is in the numbers as we got May sales all the back from 2010 and you can see this May 2016 is the lowest on record. We here at CamaroNews are really concerned as we hold the Camaro in high respect. We sure hope Team Camaro is sitting down and getting ready to drop a bomb that will blow mustang out of the water. Could we see huge incentives this early in a New cars inception? We know Chevrolet is good about marketing, so let’s see who’s move it is ” Check Mate” We hope it will be Camaro beating mustang!

May Sales

2010 – 8931
2011 – 9451
2012 – 9023
2013 – 7929
2014 – 10340
2015 – 9753
2016 – 5827


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