Camaro’s of Michigan in the Tulip Time Parade in Holland


Camaro’s of Michigan is going to be in the Tulip Time parade in Holland on Wednesday and also on Saturday big parade this week. Come and see my Camaro Club! On Saturday we will be parked at Kollen’s park behind the banshee in the grass area in the upper parking lot area. We will be displaying our cars for everyone to see. We will be there for the fireworks. Come on down for the fun!



Go to 47.54 and you can see us in the parade. 

Tulip Time Parade view from inside of the Camaro as we are going down 8th Street on Saturday.


  1. Just finish the Tulip Time Parade today Wednesday. It was awesome with the weather the sun was out and a little breeze about 68 degrees you couldn’t have asked for a better day for this parade. We will see how we do on Saturday’s parade and the weather is going to be nice also. If you missed us today come to the big parade. Then after the parade we are going to park our cars at Kollen’s park for the rest of the day and night and at dusk they are going to have the fireworks! Come down and see us in the park.

  2. Just finish up Saturday’s Tulip Time Parade. It looked like rain and was cloudy and no sun while we were waiting to get in the line-up. Then the clouds blew through and blue sky and partly cloudy and no rain! We were short one Camaro from a mishap but, we did fine with just 4 Camaro’s. Our white one behind our banner and behind us was yellow one and behind that one was a Tincoat one and on the end was another bumblebee one. Everyone loved it when we rev our engine as we were going down 8th street. It took us 1hr and 15mins to finish the parade. Later we all meet at Kollen’s Park to display our cars for people to see. We were going to stay for the fireworks but, the wind picked up and it was very cold so, we all decided to leave and wait until next year to do it again. Check our Facebook page for video’s and pictures of the tulip time parade.

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