Camaro’s of Michigan Tulip time parade may11, 2019

Tulip Time parade for this year was cold but warmer than Wednesday parade, It was cloudy but, it didn’t rain. Everyone had fun again despite the weather. It was a high of 60 and the sun never came out. We met James Starks and Kamady Rudd from TV13 morning show.


We gave James one of our Camaro’s of Michigan baseball hats and also one of our T-shirts. We also found out that he had a white Camaro and a red Camaro before he moved to Michigan to be on the TV13 morning show. He said that he wants to get another Camaro. Camaro’s of Michigan might be having TV13 come to our car show on July 27 to sponsor the food pantry.

Camaro’s of Michigan will be in next years parade in 2020. We are getting new members each year and meeting new people that want to be part of us.

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