GM Service Bulletin 15-09-83-001

This is a GM service bulletin 15-09-83-001 key fob cover that just came out. This part number 23345002 you can get FREE of charge from your local chevy dealer, to cover up that ugly hole on the side of your key fob, from the key recall that was sent out earlier. We all loved our switchblade key fob when we bought our camaro and GM’s fix was to remove your switchblade and give you some normal keys instead. Now you have a hole on the side of your key fob which looks like something is broken or missing which, there is something missing. You could go to a locksmith and find one that will put it back like the way it was but, that would cost you alot of money and, you ask yourself is it worth it to get your switchblade back? Now that you have already done the recall and you can’t get your switchblade back, the only thing you can do now is to get this cover which is cool because it say CAMARO! on it. The key recall can be reversed if you want your switchblade key back with a little know how.

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