Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Go Along With The Caliper Cover Fad

From replica wheels to eBay turbo kits – everyone in the car world knows that cheap car parts are popular car parts. Unfortunately, especially when on a budget, people sometimes opt for an aesthetically pleasing piece, rather than one that is of high quality.

Brembo, on the other hand, is popularly known for its high-quality brake-system components. Just recently, though, the top-of-the-line brand released a blog post warning fans about cheap plastic caliper covers that are now available for purchase online and the potential harm they could cause.


The plastic (or sometimes aluminum) covers basically are placed right over the stock brake caliper with the sole purpose of looking cool.

The large and usually bold-colored covers can catch your eye – don’t get us wrong. But obviously, apart from completely covering the ugly stock caliper, the covers don’t positively influence the braking characteristics in any way – actually, they quite possibly could limit the heat dissipation, resulting in premature wear and less than optimum performance.

Since every single “Brembo” branded cover is fake and manufactured illegally, they have absolutely no warranty or guarantees as to how long they last or how they will affect the rest of your components. Whether found on eBay, Amazon, or any other store that seems to be reputable online, all of these available covers are counterfeit. Brembo actually announced that 87 fake plastic covers with “Brembo” branding on them were found just recently, resulting in the arrest of eight Japanese citizens who distributed them.

So instead of purchasing something that is just for looks and could potentially harm your vehicle, we recommend saving for other braking component upgrades, such as Brembo’s affordable Xtra discs. They provide a more aggressive look, substantially help with brake performance, and are made with quality materials throughout and undergo an extensive R&D process.


Jenna Schiebe

Jenna’s addiction to all things automotive began soon after she was introduced to the car scene at age 16. She has a special interest in imports but, at the end of the day, is an enthusiast that loves anything that goes fast.

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