Keeping It Covered: Covercraft WeatherShield HP Car Covers

Building cars is an expensive hobby, and you put a ton of work and money into your prized possession and you want to show it off to the world. One of the biggest expenses when customizing a car is the paint and bodywork. Countless man-hours go into this process and it’s really easy to spend thousands of dollars getting it perfect. The sheet metal is fixed, straightened, primed, prepped, and then finally painted. The goal for most car enthusiasts is a mirror-like reflection with depths that go way beyond a factory paint job. Then you spend hours washing and cleaning your prized machine for the next cruise or event. So why not take that extra step and protect your baby in between these showings?

Covercraft has been manufacturing premium quality exterior and interior protection products for gearheads since 1965. That’s 53 years of experience that results in a reputation for quality, durability, and design. Today, Covercraft is the world’s largest manufacturer of custom-patterned vehicle covers. They offer a catalog with over 80,000 patterns that continue to grow daily for street rods, hot rods, and even import cars.

Covercraft not only offers products for a ton of cars, but they also offer several different materials depending on what your needs are. We selected the custom fit WeatherShield HP covers for our Pony War competition cars. This series offers a durable lightweight polymer that is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. It is a breathable material that can dissipate rain in dramatic fashion. With just a shake of the cover, it will dry in a few minutes. 

Cover Craft WeatherSheild HP Key Features:

  • Exclusive High-Performance Fabric
  • Durable, lightweight outdoor protection
  • Outdoor or indoor Use
  • Choose from 8 colors
  • Dramatic rain dispersion: fabric sheds water as soon as it hits the cover
  • Superior dry time: just shake the cover and it dries in minutes
  • Breathable fabric allows heat, moisture, or condensation under the cover to easily escape
  • Superior paint finish protection thanks to silicone polymers used in the encapsulation formula (less abrasive than flannel)
  • Cover packs into roughly 1/3 the volume of multi-layer fabric covers
  • Easy care: wash and dry at home
  • Durable, fade resistant automotive grade dyes hold their color longer

If your car is customized, why not your cover too? Covercraft offers you several options when buying the perfect car cover for your vehicle. You can choose one or two colors for the Weathershield HP series cover by selecting your favorite from Covercraft’s 8-color pallet. The customization doesn’t stop there. In some cases, you can even select custom logos from some of the car manufacturers to further distinguish your cover from the guy next door. 

While Covercraft offers off thousands of car covers, this is not the only vehicle protection product they carry. They also offer a huge selection of seat covers, dash covers, sunscreens, floor mats, canine covers and more. Be sure and check them out at


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