New Bolt-On Record Holder Sixth-Gen ZL1 Goes 10.04 At 137 MPH

There are some people out there that might not be interested in bolt-on records or bolt-on performance. With a few more modifications to the car, it could be much faster with a modest investment and maybe even less effort. When someone is chasing a bolt-on record, every hundredth of a second counts no matter where you find it.

John Antonaides, owner of this record-setting ZL1 recently relocated to the sunny state of Florida from up north which spurred him to get back into drag racing. He remembered that Howard Tanner and the crew from Redline Motorsports had also moved from up north and relocated their business to the Sunshine state, as well. Naturally, he got in touch with Howard and they began talking. John had already done a round of modifications and needed to have the ZL1 recalibrated. After a tuning session, Howard suggested a methanol injection kit and some more tuning be done. The proposed mods were completed and it was time to hit the dyno at Redline Motorsports.

John’s ZL1 is now fitted with a Kong Performance ported stock blower, Nick Williams 103mm throttle body, a 2.1 Griptec pulley, Alky Alcohol Injection Systems methanol kit, Roto-Fab cold air intake, and a set of Texas Speed and Performance two-inch headers. This simple list of modifications with Howard working his magic behind the laptop netted a gain of 172 horsepower and 191 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. Happy with these numbers, John was ready to head out to the track and make some passes.

According to Howard, after a few passes, it was apparent that 60-foot times were not up to par and more tuning needed to be done to achieve the goal. The problem was, the transmission had not been unlocked for tuning yet, and they were already limited on time. Howard decided to work with what he had and still managed to drop the ZL1’s sixty-foot time from a 1.66 to a 1.47. By the end of the night, John and the Redline crew reached their goal of becoming the quickest bolt-on sixth-generation ZL1 in the world with a solid pass of 10.04-seconds at 137 mph and a 1.47 sixty-foot time.

It will now be a race against the clock to see who can be the first bolt-on ZL1 in the nines; Howard is confident that the car will go quicker with a little more time invested in the tuning.

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