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Tired of chrome? Ready to come to the dark side? Check out this slick new alternator from Proform. Star Wars references aside, this alternator isn’t your run-of-the-mill parts store reman. These alternators crank out all the power you’ll need, and they look good doing it.

Finished in a durable crinkle black, Proform’s alternators are topped off with a bright red bowtie just to let everyone know you back “the heartbeat of America.”

If the stylish looks of the alternator have you questioning its robust features, rest assured it’s backed by a name you’ll know and trust – Chevrolet Performance.

You can read all about the Officially Licensed Chevrolet Performance Part in the Proform press release below.

“News Flash…Black Crinkle has surpassed chrome in popularity for underhood finishes.  Now there’s an alternator that matches perfectly with your Black Crinkle Chevrolet Performance engine dress-up look.”

“This alternator contains all the staple features of a desirable 10SI…100% new, tested after assembly, steel V-belt pulley, 1-wire hookup, 100+ amps, and of course a great looking finish that pulls the engine compartment together.”

“Featuring generous over-spec amperage, a machined pulley, external fan and the popular Chevy Bowtie Emblem in red. This 1-wire, GM 10si case style alternator comes complete with an internal regulator.”

“Each unit is supplied with its Quality Assurance graph documenting its operating performance. Insist on the 100% NEW Chevrolet Performance Black Crinkle, Bowtie 100 AMP Alternator!”

So, whether you’re looking to upgrade the underhood appearance of your ride or switch from a three-wire setup, check out Proform’s new Bowtie Black Crinkle Alternator.

You can find out everything you need to know on its website, here.


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