Our Products Vendors and COVID-19


We hope that all of our customers are being safe and their families from the COVID-19 pandemic. Camaros of Michigan takes the COVID-19 seriously and wants to make sure that no one gets the virus while going about their day.   

The COVID-19 has made it hard for all businesses to survive because of them being closed or out of business due to the virus. We at Camaros of Michigan our vendor that laser cuts the dress-up parts we sell are still open and still working which is a good thing for us.

We do stock many of our dress-up products and have some powder coating in stock but, when those powder coating products run out we can’t get more powder coated because our vendor is still closed which put us in a bind.

We are still shipping our products anywhere in the United States as we always have.

 Once they are open again we can start getting some powder coating products back in stock again. We hope that all of our customers understand our situation when it comes to our products.

If you see something that is out of stock or if you ordered a powder coating product and we don’t have it in stock we will refund 100% of your money. We hope that you will continue to check back with us for in stock on the product that you are waiting for. 

We will keep all of our customers up to date when we are 100% back to what we do.

Camaros of Michigan Team!

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