SEMA 2017: Chevrolet Performance Unveils ZL1 Drag Package

If there’s one thing you can count on at SEMA, it’s that Chevrolet Performance will have a strong showing. This year, that’s an understatement. With over 13 available crate engines on display, it is the largest offering of engines Chevrolet has ever brought to the show. As you may have seen in our coverage, Chevrolet Performance brought a lot of other go-fast equipment to show us as well, but one that stood out from the rest is the ZL1 drag development vehicle.

In the past, Chevrolet has provided drag racing components on the lower SS trim level models, but never before on the ZL1. That, however, has changed with the introduction of the ZL1 drag development vehicle and supporting components. The main components that are now development is a larger throttle body, cold air intake, smaller supercharger pulley for the added boost, a set of long tube headers produced by American Racing Headers, and a specially designed set of Weld drag wheel emblazoned with the Chevrolet Performance logo. A set of a solid bushing for the rear cradle also help keep things planted out back.

Chevrolet Performance Drag Development Program Adds Camaro ZL1

With the previously mentioned modifications and a recalibration of the engine management and magnetic ride control, the ZL1 is capable of cracking off a 10.00-second quarter-mile pass at a blistering 137.78 mph. The car rockets off the line with a 1.415 60-foot time. Considering the amount of modifications, that’s a potentially 9-second car with the addition of just five simple to install components. And the best part is, they can be installed by your local Chevrolet dealership as well and carry a two-year warranty–that is if Chevrolet gives them the green light. For now, the components are all still in development but will likely be available soon.

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