Synergy Green Twin-Turbo Machine: Competition Products Chevy Camaro


Competition Products Twin-Turbo LS Powered 1967 Chevy Camaro

Nick Rinehart never expected that his ’67 Camaro would someday turn into such a badass. This Synergy Green metallic Rally Sport has seen an impressive amount of attention underneath the hood, with period-correct, or tastefully done resto-mod accents gracing every inch of the vehicle elsewhere. But being a sales manager at performance specialist shop Competition Products certainly has its perks, which is precisely why we are here today, talking about Nick’s slick LS-swapped ’67 Synergy Green screamer.

This isn’t just some shop build that only sees the sun when it is time to go to a show though. Nick tells us that he prefers to drive this twin-turbo temper tantrum any chance he gets, which often means carting his kid to school to the tune of 720whp! Dad cool points aside, there’s a lot that went into making this bright green Camaro menace into what it is today, so without further ado, here are the nuts and bolts of this clean machine.

This Camaro build begins with a basic engine combo that consists of an LSA based block, crank, and heads. The block was honed .005 over and fitted with Diamond turbo pistons and Total Seal AP rings, before being filled with Callies Compstar H beam connecting rods, ARP main and head studs, and a Holley oil pan.

As for the heads, they sit atop Cometic MLX head gaskets and have also seen some serious over boring, with their CNC porting coming courtesy of the guys over at Goodwin Competition in Omro, Wisconsin. Intake valves are Rev, while the exhaust is Inconel, with a custom ground camshaft from industry expert, Howards Cams controlling it all. Lifters, pushrods, springs, retainers, and locks all come from Howards as well, while the Camaro’s intake manifold and engine management system are Holley in nature. Injectors are an Injector Dynamics ID1300X setup.

Boost is brought forth from twin 66mm turbochargers with billet wheels from Industrial Turbo, while headers are from CX Racing, which Nick tells us were originally intended for an LS swapped Datsun, or something of that nature. He also informs us that the Camaro doesn’t have an intercooler due to running on E85 most of the time, which comes contained within an Aeromotive stealth fuel cell packing two A1000 in-tank pumps. The noise comes from a full 3.5-inch mandrel bent exhaust system resting over the rear axle, which escapes tig welded Borla XR1 race mufflers and then out factory Camaro ports.

Regarding the transmission, Nick’s Camaro features a TH400 unit with all ATI internals, while a PTC turbo converter tackles shifts, and a 9-inch Ford rear end comes affixed to Moser 35 spline axles and a Wavetrac differential. This has all been mated to a nodular housing that has been loaded with micronited gears and a 3.15 ratio, which Nick tells us came out of an old NASCAR program.

Internal upgrades include Camaro seats that have been reupholstered and then embellished with custom piping to match the carAutometer NV gauges have been mounted inside the factory opening in order to offer an OEM feel, whilst a Hurst pistol grip shifter resides within the factory center console.

Another fact worth noting is that all 720whp this Camaro has made on the dyno came from just 12-pounds of boost, leaving plenty to play with if Nick ever decides to go back for a re-tune. But being that this car has never seen competition use, due primarily to the fact that the Camaro does not have a roll cage, chances are Nick will keep power numbers where they are for the time being. Personally, we think that 720whp should be plenty for when it comes to Nick getting his 10-year-old daughter to school on time.

When asked as to whether he has any goals for the vehicle outside of chauffeuring kids to school, taking Sunday cruises, and the occasional car show, Nick tells us that he really just likes enjoying the car as-is. This was my first turbo build,” Nick explains. “I needed a platform to learn more about the LS platform and get more educated on fuel injection and tuning, with the parts that we sell through Competition Products and Howards Cams.”

Consider the class dismissed Nick. You’ve scored a bright, Synergy Green “A+” in our book. Now go outside and play.

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