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Video: Brutal Camaro SS In Car Video On Track

Video: Brutal Camaro SS In Car Video On Track

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Driver Francesco Sini had this to say about the Chevrolet Camaro used in the EuroV8Series, “The Camaro differentiates itself from the others mainly because of the engine, with its pushrod layout unlike all the other European engines. On the other hand, being an American engine it puts a lot of emphasis on displacement. 1This is a 6.2-liter V8 and it’s really as good as the most powerful Mercedes engines and that enables us to be quick on the fastest circuits. The camaro has an advantage due to the shorter wheel base despite the long bonnet [because] the wheel base is more compact than that of the Mercedes, so it also helps on the most technical of courses. Unfortunately the Achilles heel is the aero, this cool frontside which is very impressive is tough to deal with on the longer straights. That said, the feel of the muscle car is great, the appeal of cars like this one is very special. Their character is fantastic.”

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