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Video: Fireball Camaro Goes 8s Becomes Fastest LT-Powered Car Ever


Now, keep in mind that this car is considered a “production” car. While it may have some aftermarket tweaking–and by some, we mean a lot–it is still available from a Chevrolet dealership and carries a warranty. You can even go buy your very own right now for just $90,000–eat your heart out Demon. And if that doesn’t fit the bill for production, we don’t know what to tell you. Regardless of whether you think it fits the bill of production, we can all agree that it is one badass machine.

18268405_1733897413568343_5603103448329512572_nHowever, getting the Fireball Camaro into the 8s was no easy task, and there were plenty of hurdles that would have to be overcome before they would be able to crest into the coveted 8-second club. For example, the car was trying to put a lot of power to the ground and the stock suspension was proving to be woefully inadequate. They decided to turn to BMR Suspension for the whole slew of their rear suspension parts to make sure the 900-horsepower Camaro was planting every pony.

The stock torque converter was ditched in favor of a Circle D Specialties unit that allowed the Camaro a little more RPM when launching and a 9-inch GForce Engineering rear-end sends the torque to the stickies. But it wasn’t just a matter of slapping more parts on the car and breaking the record. Hundreds of man hours went into dialing in the setup and suspension. BMR even sent out their own people to make sure everything was just right for the record attempts.

And while the guys over at Fireball consider the car production, it does have a menagerie of aftermarket mods. The car has a built 416 cubic inch engine with a ProCharger F1-94 breathing boost into it–albeit through the stock heads. A 100-shot from the guys over at Nitrous Express provides the extra motivation to get the car to crack 8s and a water/methanol kit helps support a fuel system that we’ve been told has “a ton of secret work” done to support the power.


Photo of the Fireball Camaro after it broke into the 9s.

Calibrated by Karger handled all of the tuning duties and Frankenstein Engine Dynamics took care of all the assembly on the 416ci mill. The guys over at Carlyle Racing provided their 15-inch wheel kit for obvious reasons and the Drive Shaft Shop provided a vastly more capable driveshaft that is up to the task of repeated sub-1.5-second 60-foot launches.

And though that may seem like a lot of aftermarket components, the list of stock components on the car is almost just as impressive. The car broke into the 8s on a stock 8-speed automatic transmission. Yep. Stock. And, as we previously mentioned, the car is still running the stock heads. The car has a full interior and you can pick one up for yourself for just $90,000. Not bad considering what it just did.


As you can see in the video, the guys from Fireball were the first in the 10s, 9s, and now 8s with a sixth-gen Camaro and they just beat out Late Model Racecraft for the quickest Gen V LT-powered vehicle in the galaxy. The previous record stood at 8.84 at 160 mph, set by LMR’s resident C7 Corvette–a record that still stands for fastest C7 Corvette of all time. However, the crew over at LMR is hot on their heals and has been developing their Ominous Camaro for a customer that they say has the capability of breaking into the 8s.

With the race for fastest sixth-gen Camaro ever heating up, we can wait to see how much further the crew at Fireball will take their Camaro. But, at least for now, they can rest easy knowing that they were first–and we all know, if you’re not first you’re last.

Author: Chase Christensen

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